Aaaaaand Back…

Yea, so kinda forgot to reconnect the database after migrating to Linode last year.  In that time, I’ve had a massive RAID failure, and lost a bunch of photos. Thankfully, I’ve been uploading full sized final pics to Flickr for quite some time, so at least there are backups of the finished products. I’ve since implemented online backups to Crashplan. Its going to take forever to upload my photo library, and I need to download and backup all my Flickr photos, but it will be worth it when its all done.

Also, don’t invest in Seagate drives. Crap. WD Red all the way!

And now some (more) 2 year old photos of the First Ward in Buffalo!

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EDIT: Well, something broke within that gallery. I’m not sure what. I’ll have to try and fix that. In lieu of a gallery, heres a link to some stuff on flickr!